How to be the first Ford electric car owner 2018

On Friday, Ford will officially launch the Ford Focus Electric SUV and Ford Focus EV.

But the company’s electric car ambitions are far from finished.

“We’re really starting to see the real promise in this car, the full-on electrification of the Ford Electric,” said Ford CEO Mark Fields in an interview with Reuters last week.

“It’s going to be a great car, a great SUV, and we’re going to have a new generation of Ford electric vehicles.”

The new Focus EV will be the second electric car in Ford’s lineup, following the Focus Hybrid in 2019.

The Focus Electric is the first vehicle to get a front-mounted solar array, an upgrade that lets Ford optimize battery life in the most extreme weather conditions.

Fields also said the Focus EV’s new battery pack will be up to twice as powerful as the current generation’s lithium-ion battery.

“I think this car is going to revolutionize the industry,” Fields said.

The next step in Ford Focus EVs will be a range of electric cars powered by the company is expected to debut in 2020, according to a company spokesperson.

The company is also set to unveil a new electric pickup later this year.

“In the coming years, we’re really going to push to make this the most powerful, fastest and safest electric vehicle on the planet,” Fields told Reuters.

Ford has already invested $1.2 billion in the electric vehicle market and expects to be worth $1 trillion in 2019, according an analysis from Bloomberg.

The car company is investing $3.4 billion in electric-vehicle production in 2020 alone.

It is also investing $4.2 million in electric vehicles in 2021.

But electric vehicles have been slow to catch on in the United States, with the average electric car costing around $20,000 and up against the Ford F-150 pickup.

The first electric car to ever hit the US market, the Toyota Prius Plug, sold for $37,400 in the US.

Ford’s new Focus EVs are expected to come with all-electric driving capabilities.

The upcoming electric vehicles will have a range up to 100 miles, and can go as fast as 130 miles on a single charge.

Ford also said it will be launching a new brand of fuel-efficient electric vehicles this year, and it has said it expects to add a range-extended version of the Focus to the lineup by 2020.

Development Is Supported By

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