Why Tesla’s electric cars can be a hit on a $5,000 budget

On the campaign trail, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said he was “seriously considering” electric vehicles, and he said he would introduce legislation that would “make it easier and cheaper” for people to own them.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said his company was “very excited” about the news, and the company’s shares rose sharply.

But it’s not clear if the cars will get much of a boost in sales.

Tesla stock has slumped more than 60% in the past two months, as investors worry about the company making its Model 3 and the cost of developing them.

Musk told analysts on Wednesday that the company had already reached a “point of no return” on its Model S sedans and that it was “extremely unlikely” it would produce another Model 3.

Tesla shares have also fallen in recent days, while the S3 and X3 models are trading at around $5 apiece.

But Musk says the company is focused on Model 3 production, which is why it’s only focused on the Model S and Model X, and not on other models.

And he says the Model 3 will deliver better battery life and better fuel economy than the Model X. Tesla’s stock has been a big gainer this year, thanks to investors’ excitement about Musk’s company.

On Wednesday, Tesla shares rose 2.7% to $4,965.60.

The shares were trading at a discount to the $5 billion they were trading on Friday, according to FactSet.

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