Electric throw blanket is getting an update


– An electric throw blanket made from recycled material is making its way to an electric utility in the Twin Cities.

It’s part of a campaign that aims to get people to donate to a local electric utility that helps communities fight climate change.

The SolarCity project is part of the Minnesota Solar Initiative, a national effort to help solar users connect to renewable energy sources like wind, solar and solar thermal.

The SolarCity Solar Shield is a solar-powered blanket that can be used by homes or businesses to protect from solar storms.

It was designed to be durable, long-lasting and environmentally friendly.

“People will see it and say, ‘I want to donate,'” said Mike Fink, SolarCity’s vice president of product development.

“The blanket is a fantastic way to make sure you’re helping your community get energy when it needs it the most.”

The SolarShield is an electric throw bag, made of solar panels and recycled material.

The bag comes in two sizes: one is a throw bag that can fit in a car trunk or backpack, and the other is a smaller size that can sit inside a backpack.

The bag is made of PVC, a lightweight, strong plastic used in plastics and other products.

The PVC material is the same material that’s used to make polyester and polypropylene.

The bags are made of polypropylene, which is stronger than PVC and more flexible than plastic.

The blanket also has a magnetic closure that can close automatically when it gets cold or wet.

This magnetic closure allows the blanket to be opened when the weather gets hot or when the sun is shining, making it a perfect gift for anyone who needs help keeping warm.

The solar energy source SolarCity uses to make the blanket is the Solar Power of America, a company that makes solar panels.

Solar Power is made by solar panels that are designed to produce solar energy and store it for future use.

SolarPower sells its solar panels at home, at local solar installations and through its website.

“It’s great for people who want to be proactive about making a difference,” Fink said.

The company is also building an electric blanket for its customers, called the SolarShield for the SolarCity Power of Minnesota.

The blanket will be available this winter at its customer locations.

SolarCity is part the Minnesota Sustainable Energy Alliance, which works with local utility companies and solar developers to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

The group was formed in 2014 by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, which regulates Minnesota’s electric and natural gas utilities.

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