Why Ford’s electric truck will cost less than $15,000

The Ford electric truck is the latest vehicle to get a price cut by the automaker.

Ford said it will save customers about $4,000 on a 2019 model with a 1.7L EcoBoost engine.

The cheapest electric car currently on sale is the Volkswagen Golf, which retails for $18,900.

The Ford price cut is the first since the automakers electric vehicle program started in 2013.

The price of a 2019 Ford electric is $18.8 million.

The company also announced that it is slashing the price of its gas-powered Focus Electric and all-electric SUV by $1,500.

Ford also announced today that it will start selling the next generation of its F-Series plug-in hybrid electric vehicles later this year.

The F-150 pickup truck is also getting a price reduction, starting at $28,900, as is the Chevrolet Colorado SUV, with a starting price of $34,900 for the first vehicle.

Ford will also offer the Chevrolet Spark EV plug- in hybrid at an extra $1.60 for the 2019 model year.

“The Ford electric vehicle fleet is expanding and we’re seeing new vehicles and vehicles we haven’t even introduced in the past year,” said Ken Fields, Ford vice president of global vehicle development.

“We’re also seeing more plug-ins on the market and, in many cases, we’re also bringing some more EVs to market.”

Fields said Ford is increasing production of electric vehicles to meet demand.

“It’s a challenging environment to compete with,” Fields said.

“And as we have done over the past five years, we’ve ramped up production and we have made progress in the production of all our electric vehicles.”

The automaker said it plans to offer an electric version of the Chevrolet Bolt in 2019.

Fields said that electric vehicles are not a priority for Ford and that the company is investing in electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.

Ford has invested billions of dollars in electrifying its vehicles since 2013, when the company announced a plan to electrify up to 15 million vehicles by 2040.

Ford’s announcement is part of the automarket program, which the company started in 2015 to sell electric vehicles, trucks and SUVs in the U.S. and Europe.

The automarkets program has generated more than $1 billion in new investment and more than 500,000 new jobs since the start of the program in January 2016.

Fields also said Ford has committed to investing more than 1 million miles of new charging infrastructure in 2019, up from 500,001 miles of existing infrastructure in 2020.

“In 2019, we will bring more than half of the vehicles on our electric fleet to our charging infrastructure and that will be a big step forward,” Fields told reporters.

“That’s a big change, but we are committed to bringing them to market and we expect that to be in 2020.”

Fields added that Ford will work with electric car and truck makers like Tesla to build more charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Fields previously said that Ford was in talks with automakers including BMW and Daimler to develop charging infrastructure that could help the company reach 100 percent of its global electric vehicle deliveries by 2035.

Ford announced last week that it would build 500,002 electric vehicles in 2019 to meet a target of 100 percent.

Fields added, “Our commitment to electric vehicle and plug-innovation is growing every day.

We’re seeing companies start to realize that electrifying their fleets is critical to meeting demand for their products and services.”

Fields also noted that Ford has been investing in battery technology and that it expects to sell more batteries for electric cars by 2031.

Ford plans to invest $1 trillion in battery research and development by 2020, and the automager said it expects the battery industry to double its market share to about 60 percent by 2041.

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